Vaxeal’s pre-eminent Scientific Advisory Board advises the company in the fields of immunology, immunotherapy, clinical immuno-oncology, infectious diseases and regulatory affairs.

Dr Bernard MAILLERE, Chief Scientific Advisor

An expert in immunology, Bernard Maillère is currently the director of the laboratory of immunochemistry of cellular immune response at the Institute of Biology and Technologies (Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique, FR). His laboratory has developed an original platform to evaluate cellular immune responses of therapeutic vaccine candidates in humans, and to identify T-cell epitopes. He identified and patented several new HLA class II restricted epitopes from various viruses and tumors. Notably, peptides from HIV, hepatitis C and tumor antigens have been discovered by Dr. Maillère, and constitute several Vaxeal immunotherapy candidates.

Dr Corinne Tanchot, PhD, Immunology Advisor

Corinne Tanchot has a recognized experience in immunology and in particular in the study of immune responses in reliable animal models. She is a research associate in the team of Pr Eric Tartour, in the PARCC research center of HEGP. During her career, she focused on the mechanisms ensuring efficient memory T cell generation. Her pioneer work defined the parameters that are strictly required to generate memory T cells and notably the crucial role of CD4 help for the generation of such efficient memory T cell. Since 2010, she is focusing her studies on the analysis of T cell response during tumor growth and the potential impairment of CD4 T cell response in tumoral context. She also works to develop murine models allowing to precisely evaluating anti-tumoral T cell response following immunotherapies or vaccination strategies

Pr Giampietro CORRADIN, CTO

Giampietro Corradin graduated in chemistry at the University of Padua and received his PhD degree in chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After a post-doctoral position in biochemistry at Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire, he continued his training in molecular immunology at the National Jewish Hospital, Denver, Colorado. He joined the Institute of Biochemistry of Lausanne in 1979 where he remains an Associate Professor. For the last 15 years the main focus of his laboratory has been the elucidation of the immunological mechanisms of protection in malaria using well-defined animal models. In addition, development of vaccine candidates have been actively pursued by introducing new and faster approaches for the identification, production and development of novel vaccine candidates.

Pr François SPERTINI, MD, PhD, Clinical Advisor

Pr. Francois Spertini is an expert in vaccine clinical development and trained in Internal Medicine as well as Clinical Immunology and in Allergology in Lausanne, then in Experimental Immunology at the Department of Pathology of the University Medical Center in Geneva and in the Children’s Hospital, at Harvard Medical School, Boston. He joined the Division of Allergy and Immunology at CHUV, Lausanne in 1992 where he is currently Chief Physician and in charge of training clinical Fellows in his field of expertise. His experimental interests are focused on immunologic mechanisms of tolerance in allergy and asthma in humans, as well as in the development of novel vaccine strategies in the field of malaria, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and allergy. François Spertini is Vice President of the specialist board of SSAI. He was president of the society from 2001-2003.