More than ever, patented treatments against unmet medical needs, such as cancer, are becoming highly strategic for all biopharmaceutical companies.


Large biopharmaceutical companies are increasingly relying on external R&D, primarily that of SMEs. These outsourced research programs now represent as much as 40% of their pipeline. Vaxeal is forecasting substantial licensing and M&A transactions in the coming years.


By targeting disease segments where high value markets are experiencing rapid growth, each product developed at Vaxeal has the potential to be a blockbuster with annual sales exceeding €5 billion. Additionally, these products should qualify for regulatory fast-track and special protocol assessment.

The innovative Vaxeal cancer vaccines will address a large spectrum of cancer patients, as they include two tumor antigens (SVX-1 and CBX-1), which cover almost all solid tumors. The clinical results of Phase I/II trials should bring the promise of long-term survival when administered to cancer patients, and should lead to protective anti-tumor immunity with limited toxicity and adverse effects. Moreover, a better understanding of the immunological mechanisms of our vaccines will enable the more efficient development of vaccines beyond our current indications in the future.