By targeting disease segments where high value markets are experiencing rapid growth, each product developed at Vaxeal has the potential to become a blockbuster.

Advanced Therapy

Vaxeal’s unique scientific strategy is based on T-cell-based cancer immunotherapies, combined to metronomic low doses of standard of care therapies and/or immune checkpoint blockades. These combinations are overcoming both efficacy issues, by targeting specific cancer biomarkers (Survivin, Cyclin B1), safety issues, by limiting toxicity induced by standard of care therapies (chemotherapy, and angiogeno-therapy), and immune-related adverse events induced by immune checkpoint blockades (CTLA-4 and PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies).

This innovative scientific strategy, which is at the forefront of oncology therapies, will ensure high clinical efficacy of Vaxeal’s immunotherapies, while limiting dramatically treatment side effects.

Relevance of Vaxeal therapeutic vaccine strategy


Personalized Medicine

A personalized approach is also a key component of Vaxeal strategy and will dramatically improve efficacy of treatments. Vaxeal has, indeed, developed novel assays, called companion diagnostics, allowing it to select patients populations based on: 1) the presence of the selected biomarkers in the tumour, and 2) the absence of spontaneous immune tolerance of the patients.

Vaxeal has also designed its immunotherapies allowing to treat all patients independently to their HLA typing (ubiquity).